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Innovative and forward-looking

Technology for people

For over 25 years, VOMO Air, formerly known as BÄRO Clean Air Technologies, has held a prominent position as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-performance UVC systems dedicated to air and surface disinfection. We offer comprehensive complete solutions for a wide variety of areas and industries: from food production and retail to kindergartens, schools, offices and administration buildings to medical practices and hospitals.


With our innovative KitTech and plasma technologies for fat reduction and odor minimization, we offer integrated solutions for customers in canteen kitchens and canteens, in the catering and hotel industry, in shopping centers as well as in artisanal and industrial food production:

"New Solutions for People and Environment".


From individual advice to planning and project planning to installation and maintenance, our experts take on all the services required to implement efficient air hygiene. Contact us!

UVC-Technologie-Stage , Blick in das Innere einer UVC Leuchte

Air purification with UVC technology

UVC systems for air disinfection work against airborne bacteria, viruses and spores. The ventilation systems draw in the room air and inactivate up to 99.9% of all airborne microorganisms. 

UVC surface sterilization

By eliminating pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and spores that are deposited on surfaces and objects, smear infections can occur

be effectively avoided.

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VOMO Air,Produkte,KitTech

Grease removal and odor reduction with KitTech

Photolytic oxidation is the mode of action that ensures that organic substances such as fats or odorous substances are cold burned or destroyed. This is done by irradiating the contaminated kitchen exhaust air with VUV light. The ozone that is produced for a short period of time ensures oxidation.

Odor reduction with PlasmaStream technology

The PlasmaStream technology is the basis of a comprehensive product range from VOMO Air and provides the solution to odor problems in the catering, hotel and food processing industries.

vomo air, produkt_plasmastream

This is VOMO Air


We have been on the market in the field of Clean Air Technologies since 1996 - formerly as BÄRO Clean Air Technologies, today as VOMO Air. With systems for UVC disinfection and the innovative KitTech and plasma technologies for fat reduction and odor minimization, we develop integrated solutions for our customers in the different areas: "New Solutions for People and Environment".


As a leading manufacturer of UVC products, we are committed to higher standards in cleaning air and surfaces. We also feel a responsibility to educate our customers about which UVC applications are effective and which are not. For this reason, we have developed a guideline together with other well-known UVC manufacturers and founded the AG LUV industry association:


Short-wave, ultraviolet light, UVC for short, is an extremely effective and clean technology against viruses, bacteria and spores. Unlike other methods, UVC inactivates these microorganisms rather than just trapping them. UVC has been used successfully for decades to disinfect air, water and surfaces. The effectiveness of UVC technology has long been scientifically proven.




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