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UV-C air disinfection
The safe way of air hygiene.

Air purification with UV-C technology

Type C ultraviolet radiation occurs at a wavelength below 280 nm. The technology used by VOMO Air for air sterilization/disinfection is based on UV-C low-pressure lamps with 253.7 nm. This wavelength is very close to the optimum for the absorption of DNA and RNA. Genetics located in the cell nucleus of microorganisms are destroyed by the radiation. Airborne germs are killed, viruses and spores inactivated.

The effect of UV-C systems is based on factors such as the UV-C dose, the air flow, the air flow, the humidity and a system design adapted to your circumstances.

When used professionally, UV-C light eliminates up to 99.9% of all airborne microorganisms. Used in independent ventilation systems or as a supplementary module for air conditioning systems, effective air disinfection reduces the concentration of infectious aerosols and harmful spores indoors.


The powerful UV-C systems from VOMO Air have proven to be effective, economical and safe hygiene measures for over 25 years.


AirCom Pro

ÄAesthetic, quiet and highly effective: the AirCom Pro is as easy to install indoors as a luminaire. With its compact design with the dimensions L 1,190 mm × W 127 mm × H 191 mm, with a weight of 8.5 kg, including mounting accessories, it can be mounted directly on the ceiling, suspended or also mounted on busbar systems using the appropriate adapter.


The AirCom is predestined as a mobile or permanently mounted individual element for use in small rooms with people traffic - it can be used in 24-hour operation. The AirCom is  additionally equipped with a TIOX filter (TiO2 photocatalyst) for odor reduction.



Individually tailored to your project, the AirStream module disinfects your supply or circulating air and eliminates up to 99.9% of all airborne viruses, germs and bacteria. The AirStream module is suitable both for new projects and for retrofitting your air conditioning systems.

AirStream C

Economical air purification of up to 50,000 m³/h. As a self-contained, compact unit, the AirStream C is perfect for rooms without a ventilation system or in systems with insufficient volume flow.

With the 230 V connection, the system, which consists of a sterilization chamber, pre-filter (filter system), fan and UVC technology including radiation traps, can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or in the false ceiling.


AirStream V

The module for infection prevention in production facilities in which cooling takes place via evaporators. By placing it directly in front of the vaporizer's air outlet, the AirStream V effectively inactivates viruses, germs and bacteria.

Each module is made of stainless steel 1.4301, is equipped with a function control via a viewing window with a UV protection filter, is designed individually for the corresponding evaporator and is precisely adapted in terms of performance and dimensions.

UVC compact lamp IP20

State-of-the-art UVC technology. Used in various VOMO Air UV-C systems, this compact light, consisting of two UVC low-pressure lamps, disinfects air and surfaces alike.


UVC compact lamp IP65

For particularly difficult environments: specially designed for use in wet and cold areas, the UVC compact lamp IP65 does not lose its effectiveness and performance even under adverse conditions.

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